Taking Your Health For Granted

Do you take your health for granted?

I know I did.

I’ve not felt well for a while, for a long time if I’m honest. But I’ve painted a smile on (Max Factor Lipfinity 001) and got on with life. Tried to do everything, take care of everyone and always be busy.

It worked for a while.

I then struggled with family bereavement, job unhappiness, my PCOS, Asterix the Gallstone and my gallbladder op (January 2013), and I never quite got back to good health and feeling well. Little things happened but I’d put them away in my mind until they happened again. I’d then worry but try put it to the back if my mind again.

Pains that had been diagnosed as gallstones were still happening.  Very concerning and couldn’t be ignored.  A Consultant told me it was due to too much bed rest post op… weeks later my GP diagnosed muscularskeletal pain.

My body was becoming a mess and no one realised how much I was hurting. I felt if I told my GP everything she’d say I was a hypochondriac!

It then got ten times worse.

The dear old chap I befriended lost his fight with cancer. I still cry thinking about him and it’s a couple of months on now.  I had job stress, job interviews, filling in application forms… lots of things pulling me down physically and mentally at once.

The high temperatures of our abnormally warm British summer seemed to be the final straw.

The pains, cramps and spasms hit my whole body, neck down to my toes. No warnings. I could be fine for a day or two, other days I’d be exhausted from pain. I’d thought they were bad just in my sides. Xrays proved I didn’t have kidney stones. In the last month I’ve had three different sets of blood tests. I see my GP for results later this week.

Some days I struggle to walk from my car to the house. My mobility has reduced dramatically in the last 6 to 8 weeks. I feel drained and ache all over. My hands and feet hurt so much they’re almost burning.

I’m still putting on a front when I can. I mean I look ‘normal’, I don’t look any different. I don’t want people pitying me or worse still thinking I’m lazy!

I feel much happier on the work front, I have a new job, though I’ve gone full time after 21 years part time and am shattered by the time I get home each evening. But I’m happy at work and am in an office with a great and supportive team. So I’m hoping that less stress and upset from work will make a difference in my work life!

Two of my loves in life are baking and crochet and I just can’t do either at the moment. I’m too physically exhausted.

If I do too much one day I’m left exhausted and will have more pain the next. I struggle to sleep and then feel tired all the time 😦

I think I have something called fibromyalgia.  I’m hoping my blood tests and some trigger point tests will prove this. If I get a diagnosis at least I’ll know what I’m dealing with. I can then try take control. If it’s not this it’ll be back to the drawing board.

I just know I’ll not take my health for granted again.


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  1. Steve M says:

    Wow you really like postboxes

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