Magical Mystery Tour… Liverpool

Magical Mystery Tour… Liverpool

Mr C and I like going on days out and finding things… this usually involves post boxes but could just include visiting a historic venue or two or just wandering around one of our amazing cities or towns in the UK.

Our latest Magical Mystery Tour was to Liverpool in search of post boxes.

We had a list of gold post boxes and EVIII (Edward 8th) boxes that we wanted to find as well as an original Penfold and two Liverpool ‘Special’ post boxes… so a busy couple of days lay ahead.

Our first stop of the day was Eccles to see Sarah Storey’s gold post box… we actually drove past this, it’s almost opposite the hospital.  Simple to find when you know where it is but a bit of a wild goose chase from Eccles to Pendleton and back again!

Gold post box. Sarah Storey. M6 108 Eccles (1)

Gold post box. Sarah Storey. M6 108 Eccles (3)Then on to Liverpool…

Our first Liverpool post box was an EVIII near Prescot in L35.

EVIII post box L35 34 July 2013 Liverpool (1)Next was another EVIII post box in L18.

EVIII post box L18 734 Liverpool July 2013 (1)The next EVIII post box was close to the Cathedral amongst some gorgeous Victorian houses with some wonderful features and balconies and old fashioned style lamposts.

EVIII post box L8 75 Liverpool July 2013 (2)

EVIII post box L8 75 Liverpool July 2013 (1)Now to cross the Mersey to Birkenhead, quick and easy through the tunnels below the river.

We’d found out that there was a very unusual Vertical Aperture Fluted Box circa 1857 somewhere near Port Sunlight and BIrkenhead and we were very impressed when we found it.  Great to see that the aperture wasn’t designed for A5 envelopes as we saw a lady struggle to post one!

Vertical Aperturn Fluted Box, Birkenhead July 2013 (1)

Vertical Aperturn Fluted Box, Birkenhead July 2013 (2)Now to find another EVIII post box in Birkenhead.  We had this listed with a number that didn’t exist on the Post Office system so we found out the location of two post boxes with similar numbers and amazingly the second one was the one we wanted.  This had been shown on someone else’s photo as CH41 23 but it’s real identity is CH41 25.

EVIII post box CH41 25 Birkenhead July 2013 (1)Back through the tunnel over to Liverpool and we checked into our hotel.  After dinner we went for a walk down to the waterfront and the Albert Dock.  Lovely to be there on an evening without the usual madness of tourists in search of The Beatles.  We’ve been down at Albert Dock when a cruise ship has been in and you can hardly move.  Great that people are visiting historic sites in the UK but not great when you wanted a nice quiet day out.

Some amazing buildings and statues wherever you look, some old and some very modern.  Loved the modern angled buildings, the darkness of the glass made them look like ships in the evening light.

Our first find was the Liverpool ‘Special’ post box which was moved here in 1987.  These are unique to LIverpool to cope with the amount of post and were located around the city in key points.  There are only two remaining.

Liverpool 'Special' post box L3 13 July 2013 (1)

Liverpool 'Special' post box L3 13 July 2013 (5)Some of the buildings and statues we saw on our evening stroll.

Next morning we set in search of post boxes again.  Our next post box was an original Penfold post box which was added to the Listed Buidlings Register in 1975, this is located on the University Campus by Abercromby Square.  Imagine our surprise when this post box wasn’t there.  Apparently it’s been moved and no one know where it is.

So onto our next quest… the second Liverpool ‘Special’ post box that we understood to be at the Sorting Office on Copperas Hill.  It too has been moved but we found out the new location and managed to find it on the outskirts of Everton at a new Sorting Office.  Across the road it was nice to see an original VR postbox.  A good location as it was next to a railway station.

Liverpool 'Special' post box - sorting office Everton July 2013 (2)Before leaving Liverpool we decided to visit somewhere we’ve been a couple of times before.  At Crosby there is an amazing sight… in fact depending on what time you arrive and the tides, it can be a very eerie sight.

Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place.  We arrived at high tide today and gradually saw the figures emerge from the water.

Anthony Gormley's Another Place, Crosby (1)

Anthony Gormley's Another Place, Crosby (4)

More details about the sculptures  Worth a visit.  Go to the far end, furthest away from Liverpool.  There’s parking, toilets and ice cream vans!

So starting our journey back to Yorkshire we had some gold post boxes to find.

The first was Heather Frederiksen’s in Leigh and then Bradley Wiggins’ in Chorley.

Gold post box. Heather Frederiksen, Leigh  WN7 13 (1)

Gold post box, Bradley Wiggins, Chorley PR7 5 (2)All in all another great couple of days out.   We’re just left wondering where the missing Penfold post box is now from Liverpool?

We live in an amazing country, so much to see and do so what are you waiting for?  Get out and discover something new!





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