Clandestine Cake Club… Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Pudsey & West Leeds Clandestine Cake Club

ccc new logoAhoy, me Hearties!

On this very special Clandestine Cake Club we go in search of Pirates and Doubloons…

If everything isn’t shipshape you may have to walk the plank and visit Davy Jones Locker…

The fish will be waiting, but will it just be for cake crumbs?

Landlubbers be warned, there may be water involved!

You may need to brush up on your ‘Pirate’ for this nautical themed cakey gathering!

Last year I was offered a very special venue for Clandestine Cake Club but it was too short notice and I was on holiday.

So this year when I was offered a barge trip on the Leeds Liverpool Canal by All Hands on Deck I jumped at the chance!

How exciting!!  Cake on the canal while actually moving!

Demand as always was high, or perhaps it was the mention of Pirates!


Obviously the venue was a secret until a few days before the event… once announced the guests were all very giddy!

The cakes attending on the night were:

Hidden Treasure Cake

Pieces of Eight Cake

 Chocolate, Cherry and Rum Cake

Pirates of the Caribbean Bundt

Mississippi Mud Cake

Rum and Molasses Cake



A fantastic evening travelling at a slow pace watching the world go by.

A huge thank you to All Hands on Deck (Fran Graham and Marie Millward)


Making the canal accessible to everyone

In Partnership with the Safe Anchor Trust




Our journey started at The Barge pub in Rodley and we sailed to the Apperley Bridge Basin and back…

good fun was had by all!


One Comment Add yours

  1. gordon longfield says:

    went through all the photo`s, did craig take them ? good of you all with the eye patch on. sorry to say girls, NO lady pirates in the old days. looks like rain outside, heavy clouds and still windy. the longest day has gone. i cleaned the outside furniture up on monday and put it all back in the shed. it will have to alter a hell of alot before it comes out again Dad xx ☔

    Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 21:35:51 +0000

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