Southbank Grill, Gateshead

Southbank Grill, Gateshead

‘Purveyors of Fine Grilled Foods’

It is no longer just about food north of the River Tyne in Newcastle, there is now good eating to be had south of the river in Gateshead.  We visited  ‘O de Vie’ last year just before it closed and are pleased to report that this has now been  reopened as  ‘Southbank Grill.’  After our recent visit to Red’s True BBQ in Leeds I instantly thought MEAT when I saw the word grill in the new name and I wasn’t disappointed.

We were in the north east over the May Day bank holiday weekend and spent a day out and about with the Curly One on Sunday 5 May 2013.  Whilst the boys were at the Gateshead Thunder match in the afternoon I made the decision that we’d have our tea at Southbank Grill.

We arrived just after 5pm, walking over the Swing Bridge as there’s no parking close to the restaurant.  We must admit that we heard loud music from half way across the bridge.  It had said on the website and facebook that a girl singer would be singing live from 4pm.

The entrance has now changed from when it was O de Vie with no clear signs but we made our way inside eventually.  The noise in the upstairs bar was rather loud from the singer and was very loud once we were seated downstairs in the main restaurant.  We did comment about the volume of the music on more than one occasion to the management and waiting staff.  We were offered a table in the smaller room at the side but my argument was why should diners be moved out of the restaurant, we had come for the view and the atmosphere.  I wouldn’t go to Southbank Grill again if there was mention of live music.  The singer and her entourage were off putting to diners which defeats the object somewhat when you are a restaurant.

Anyway to the main event… the food!  Highly recommend.  This is a great addition to the choice of restaurants in the area and the best meat that I’ve come across in the Newcastle/Gateshead area so far.

We loved the table numbers, they were rubber toy style pigs, when you squeezed them they grunted!  Excellent!

I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich which came with shoestring fries and a house salad.  The pork was delicious and I’m not sure what shoestring fries are but they were delicious and one of the best portions of fries I’ve ever eaten… and I’ve eaten a few in my life!  They almost melted in your mouth.  The salad was lovely and had a nice dressing on but was it really needed?  With the rest of my meal I would have preferred a corn on the cob, or a pile of coleslaw and some apple sauce.  The salad remained almost untouched on my plate as it didn’t really go with the sandwich.  The pulled pork was in a sweet barbeque style sauce that was like heaven in your mouth.  At £8.50 I also think that this was very good value.

The boys both chose the same burger which was on the specials menu.  It came with a pot of salsa, another of a divine guacamole concoction and some nachos.  The only complaint was that it was overcooked and dry, no juicy burger here!  Another time we would ask for the burgers to be less well done.  I’m a big fan of overcooked meat but it was too dry even for me!

We also got a couple of portions of onion rings, being our usual greedy selves we should have just ordered one portion!  But gorgeous and crispy batter and just how onion rings should be!

The Curly one made the most of the 2 for £5 on Desperado’s, only the second bottle had a slice of lemon in the top.

So we highly recommend Southbank Grill and will visit again on our next visit to the north east at the beginning of June.

We would hope that if they have live music on that they have now learnt to control the volume themselves to make it a more diner friendly experience.



Pipewellgate House, Pipewellgate, Gateshead Quayside, Tyne And Wear, NE8 2BJ


The swing bridge and the Tyne bridge,  Southbank Grill is just to the right of the swing bridge, below the Hilton Hotel.

No one has asked or paid for me to make this review.  All comments are my own.

Second visit to Southbank Grill on Sunday 2 June 2013

We arrived around 5.30pm and there were four people sat outside on the terrace for drinks.  We were the only people in the restaurant.  More staff than customers.  The staff were lovely and really pleasant as on our first visit.

We felt that the food slightly let the restaurant down on this visit.  The bread baps seemed very cheap and quite inferior for the restaurant.  The pulled pork was fatty with big lumps of white fat in my sandwich and there was less pulled pork in the sandwich.

Hope the level of customers and the quality of the food increases soon or this restaurant could end up closing again as it has done a few times in the past.


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