‘The Pitmen Painters’

‘The Pitmen Painters’ 


Mr C and I went along to Bradford Alhambra in April 2013 to see The Pitmen Painters.  This is a play by Lee Hall based on the true story of the Ashington Group of Painters.   A small cast of only eight people with simple backdrops and a very clever use of screens and projectors making you feel part of their story.

Having read their story and seen some of their artwork at the Woodhorn Colliery I felt the play was very real and true to their story.  The emotion that they managed to create in their paintings is unbelievable and it gives us an insight into what life was really like both down the mines as well as their lives above the ground.

Well worth seeing this play if you have chance.

You can view pieces of work by the Ashington Group at Woodhorn Colliery Museum in the north east of England and more information about the Ashington Group can be found at:


The home page of this website tells us:  ‘The paintings created by The Ashington Group are a unique and precious record of days gone by. More than just a photographic record these works help provide a glimpse into the everyday life of pitmen in the Northumberland town of Ashington.

This amateur art group was founded in 1934 by local miners. With great enthusiasm and no little talent, they were able to illustrate their thoughts and feelings far more effectively through art than they could ever put into words. From its early days, as an art appreciation class, the Ashington Group created an important historical record.’

Wikipedia link about the play:


Review of The Pitmen Painters from the Telegraph and Argus paper in Bradford:



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