Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013

Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013

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Everyone in the north of England had been talking about the Cake and Bake Show for weeks.  Where else can you buy anything and everything for home baking in one place?  With masterclasses, interviews and book signings by some of the country’s best loved chefs and bakers.  It was the place to be over a three day weekend at the beginning of April 2013. It was held at Manchester Central, an amazing venue that was once the Central Railway Station before becoming derelict in the 1970’s.  Thank heavens someone breathed new life into the building, all the amazing brickwork and archways down in the car part, a testament to the hardworking engineers of the Victorian era.

We traveled over on the last day and got there early at around 9.30am, the doors would open at 10am.  We were about 20th in the queue and you could feel the excitement growing.

We watched chocolate items arrive from Slatterys and Stacey Stewart walked passed us as the doors opened, and yes she had perfect eyeliner and a beehive at 10am!  We saw some of the contestants from the last series of GBBO all arriving as the doors opened too.

The first stall we could see was for the Clandestine Cake Club so a quick chat with founder Lynn Hill before hitting the rest of the event.

Wow, so much to see and do.  So many lovely items of food to taste.  We really were spoilt for choice.  Interviews and baking demonstrations around every corner.

I wasn’t tempted by the cupcake cases, sparkles, sprinkles or cake decorating items.  I really think that I have a big enough collection of these items already.  I was tempted by the food and we bought bread, Eccles cakes, steak and stilton puddings and the best item of the day was a big tin of cake release spray, which will be perfect for my bundt tin collection.  A great showcase for local food!

The best part of my day was meeting up with friends.  Although Manchester Central is a large venue I met up with three of my lovely cake club members from Pudsey & West Leeds as well as the very wonderful Rachel McGrath best known to bundt fans everywhere as DollyBakes.

A lovely day out and I highly recommend anyone to go to future Manchester or London events.


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  1. Helena says:

    Lovely write up! Glad you had fun. x

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