Easy Crochet Slippers

Easy Crochet Slippers

When we were little we had slippers sent to us every Christmas from our lovely relatives in Canada.  I always thought they were knitted… I now realise that they were actually crochet slipppers! They were made from a nylon ribbon.

I recently discovered a simple explanation of a slipper using US crochet terms, I tried to put that into wool and I created something similar to my childhood slippers.

These are simple to make but really lovely and can be worn by anyone, from children to men and women.

You can put extra detail on them such as pompoms, flowers or ribbons.

This is the first pair I made that I gave to my mum for Mother’s Day.


How to make:

I used Aran weight wool and a number 5 hook.  This pair fits a lady size 4-5.

Chain 27 turn (check length of foot and increase or decrease length accordingly.

TR in 2nd stitch from hook

TR in every stitch (26)  Chain 1  Turn

TR in every stitch (26)

Make 14 or 15 rows as above, checking the width of the foot

You will have an oblong piece of crochet

With WS’s together, using a tapestry needle sew up the back seam or your can DC the seam

Using a running stitch gather the toe end of the slipper

Pull to gather then sew up the top seam to half way up the length of the foot

Turn the right way out… you have a slipper

Ladies size 6-7  28-29 chain

Men’s size 8-9  31-3 chain

To use a DK wool you would need more stitches and rows

Add a flower, pompom or ribbon for a pretty effect on ladies and children’s slippers






You can make these with any stitch that will create an oblong finished piece of work, I found using a treble stitch made this a nice quick item to make.


Lots of different colours available in my Etsy Shop



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