Chicken with Thai Apple Sauce

Chicken with Thai Apple Sauce 

IMAG0969We like to visit local produce markets such as Creative Calverley on the 1st Saturday of the month and Kirkstall Deli Market which is the last weekend of the month but not December.

Through these we’ve met Joanne Cameron who under the name of Thistlemist Farm makes the most wonderful soups and sauces.  Now I’m not a big soup lover but even I have been known to partake in a mug or two of Jo’s soups!

Now sauces I love but you end up with lots of little jars and bottles part open in the fridge and cupboard.  I don’t like bought sauces from the supermarket as there’s mention of lots of sugar and E numbers on the label so to discover Jo’s lovely sauces was perfect.  They have long use by dates so can happily stay in the fridge a couple of weeks if you buy a few together or they can be frozen until needed.

We’re not big take away people but we do like stir fries and simple homemade chicken curries.

Our favourites lately have been the Thai sauces, Jo has made pumpkin, apple and plum and all have been different but still having the delicateness you expect with a thai styled sauce.  Her Thai Green Soup is good too!

All we buy is two chicken breasts from Bentleys in Pudsey, our local butcher, an  onion or bunch of spring onions and a pepper.  The rest of the magic has been done by Jo with her Thistlemist Farm sauce.

A selection of soups from Thistlemist Farm


@thistlemistfarm on Twitter

These are my own comments, I have not been asked to make this review and have not been paid for writing it.


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  1. laythetable says:

    Ooo I didn’t know about Creative Calverly. Defo going to try that next month!

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Hi Becs, add @cr8ivecalverley on twitter s x

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