2012… What a wonderful year!

2012… What a wonderful year!

A year that started with sadness following the death of my uncle.  A man who was very special and not only my godfather but also my second dad and always there for me.  A man of few words with a very big heart and a twinkle in his eye.  Sat looking at his photo now with a tear in my eye.  The sadness took a while to leave and my salvation was cake…

Clandestine Cake Club really did save the day, it helped me to find me again and also lots of amazing new friends.  My confidence grew and so did the Pudsey and West Leeds club, I held 12 events in 2012 and each one was a great success with many tasty and beautiful cakes.  The best thing is it’s not a competition and overall I think I’ve become a lot more laid back in life!  With more events planned for 2013 I’m looking forward to creating much more cakey happiness as a Clandestine Cake Club organiser!

I joined the WI… Women’s Institute!  I discovered crochet thanks to Maureen and Anna at Rodley WI and became a crochet success thanks to some time and patience over coffee with Emmy  from CCCC at Sebby’s Deli in Far Headingley… a huge thanks to Helen and Rob for letting us bring scissors and crochet hooks!  What a sight we must have been running to move our cars when the Traffic Warden arrived and having to pay our coffee tab a few days later!

Post Boxes became our hobby with many day trips and long weekends planned around rare Edward VIII post boxes.  Our camera and phones became full of red boxes of all shapes and sizes and different royal cyphers.  Our best trip was to the Isle of Wight where we met Arthur Reeder at the Isle of Wight Post Box museum, a man with many post box stories and a huge collection including our favourite Edward VIII’s and Queen Victoria Penfolds too!

Some lovely trips away and all in the UK this year, the only time we crossed water was to get to the Isle of Wight!

I started befriending in January, I visit an old chap in Pudsey once a week for a couple of hours.  I take him some home baked cake and we chat about the past, the present and the future.  He has many amazing stories to tell as he’s in his 90’s, he reads the paper every day so is more up to date on current affairs than I am!  He makes me smile and I give him some company and the chance to have a conversation.  A hug, a smile and time to sit and chat means the world to him and makes me feel I’m doing something worthwhile.  I befriend for Pudsey Live at Home, part of the Methodist Live at Home Scheme.

I discovered twitter and wordpress and love them both!  I’ve met lots of new ‘real’ people too following a quick ‘hello’ online… I’m still on facebook but love the variety there is by adding twitter and a blog into my life!

Through Clandestine Cake Club and the WI I have some wonderful friends, and many people trying to bring goodness and a sense of community into the local area.  I was sad that there weren’t any celebrations in Pudsey for the Queen’s Jubilee, there was more bunting in our house and garden than there was in Pudsey! I hope that in the future there will be more events bringing Pudsey, LS28 and West Leeds together.  A lot of good people are out there and hopefully we can all work together in the future and make our town great!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a year with so many new activities and new people in my life!  To be honest it’s flown by far too quickly but it’s been a good one!  A happy one.

Wishing you all happiness for 2013!  Hoping mine will be filled with much cake, many post boxes and lots of wonderful friends and most importantly my boys!


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