Bramble Jelly

Bramble Jelly


Bramble jelly takes a little bit of time but is the divine taste of hedgerows that can make toast the perfect meal any day.

The hardest part is finding the blackberries.


3lbs blackberries

2 large cooking apples

3/4 pint of water

1 lemon – juice only

sugar – can use granulated or jam sugar


Rinse blackberries

Rinse apples and chop into small pieces, pips, core and everything

Put blackberries, apples and water with the lemon juice into a heavy bottomed pan

Bring to the boil

Simmer for 25 minutes

Strain overnight through muslin

For every pint of juice, add 10-12 oz sugar (most recipes say 1lb but I find it too sweet)

Put the blackberry/apple juice into a heavy bottomed pan with the sugar

Dissolve the sugar over a low heat

Bring to the boil

Keep at a boiling simmer for 10-15 minutes until setting point is reached, a jam thermometer really is the easiest way of determining this moment

Remove any scum

Pour into sterilised jars

Cover with a waxed paper disc and screw the lid of the jar on tight.

Store in a cool dark place.







I’ve been using this recipe since 1994


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  1. Sharon says:

    Reblogged this on humbugshouse and commented:

    September is blackberry picking month so here’s the perfect Bramble Jelly recipe. I’ve just made some of this wonderful smooth jam this week. Delicious on scones or toast and a divine filling for a Victoria Sandwich! Have fun foraging and you might be lucky enough to find some apples to go in this jam to!

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