Clandestine Cake Club – Things That Go Bump In The Night… Your Worst Nightmare!

Pudsey & West Leeds Clandestine Cake Club

Things That Go Bump In The Night… Your Worst Nightmare!

You are cordially invited to an ‘Un-Birthday Party’… the time of year when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play… things go bump in the night and around every sleeping corner you might find your worst nightmare…..

mwhahahahahah mwhahahahahah

Trick or Treat?  That’s your decision!!

This was our much awaited Halloween event and our venue was the amazing Sandbar in Horsforth.  We had the whole of the back bar to ourselves, it’s really chilled out space with comfy sofas and the sort of room you’d like to have as your basement in your ‘Thunderbirds’ style Tracey Island dream home!

So much talk had been made about this event, lots of scary cakes had been thought about and the end result was fantastic.  We almost ran out of room for the cakes!

Thank you to everyone for making the eleventh Pudsey & West Leeds Clandestine Cake Club event such a success!

Attending on the night were a total of 27 cakes!

Sharon – Spiced Pumpkin Haunted Castle
Hannah – Scared Velvet Cake
Jane – Sticky Toffee Apple Cake
Jessica – Lemon & Slime Cake
Emma J – Slasher Cake
Helen – Ghost Cake
Helena – Wedding Cake
Lindsey – Spooky Dooky Pumpkin Cake
Morag – Mummified Devil’s Food Cake
Cath S – Spiced Pumpkin Cake
Pippa – Toffee & Liquorice Cake
Emmy – Attack of The Killer Sprouts Cake
Catherine H – Graveyard Cake
Michelle – Ghostly Ghouly Pumpkin Cake
Berni – Chocolate Cauldron Cake
Robyn – Pumpkin & Coconut Cake
Mike – Petrifying Parkin Cake
Becs – Chocolate Cake With Orange Whipped Cream Buttercream
Sara – Peanut Butter Skull Cake
Steph – Walnut Cake With ‘Ghostly’ American Frosting
Corinne – Spiders Web Chocolate & Almond Cake
Julie – Boozy Chocolate Orange Cake
Emma R – Pumpkin ‘Mummy’ Cake
Juliet – Creepy Crawley Cake
Caroline – Popping Crunch Cake
Nadine – Chocolate Coffin Cake
Asha – Zombie’s Eyeball Cake

The rules of Clandestine Cake Club…

(Any good club has to have rules!)

No Cupcakes, Muffins, Brownie, Pies or Tarts.

It’s All About The Cake!

Bake Cake, Eat Cake, Talk Cake…

You Get To Take Cake Home!

Hopefully see you all at another Clandestine Cake Club event soon!  What a lovely way to spend an evening.

Don’t miss out on events, make sure you’re registered at

then join the Pudsey & West Leeds Group.

A huge thank you to Sarah and all the team at Sandbar for their hospitality!

Sandbar, 15 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5LJ

@SandbarLeeds on Twitter

The space we used for our Clandestine Cake Club can be hired out for parties and events as well as local groups for meetings.  Get in touch with Sarah via the website.

**It’s hard trying to name all the cakes after an event… I’m stuck on a couple, can’t remember which way round they are! If I’ve got any wrong please let me know!**


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