Sticky Gingerbread Bundt

Sticky Gingerbread Bundt 

This cake is moist and dark and fantastically scrumptious, perfect for autumn and winter evenings… perfect for Halloween and Bonfire night.  The flavours dance on your tongue and it tastes divine.

Link to the recipe on

Which stout to use?

Guinness or Saltaire Triple Chocoholic Stout?

I went for the local beer and used the Saltaire Brewery Triple Chocoholic Stout.

Saltaire Triple Chocoholic Stout

Just cooled after baking and waiting for it’s glaze tomorrow.

Next day… glaze added.

This bundt was baked using a Nordic Ware Fleur de Lis tin.

So will you discover the addiction of the bundt cake?  I hope you will.

All recipes used are from the website owned by Rachel McGrath.

National Bundt Day UK is 15 November 2012

If you make any of the cakes on her website please credit and thank her accordingly.


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