Edward 8th Post Boxes – EVIII

Edward 8th Post Boxes

*Latest update 5 October 2014 –  92 EVIII post boxes found from our list*

Post boxes are all around us but how many of us notice them?  We mainly see a familiar red and black post box.  They’re actually part of our social history, and they’re not all the same.  They all bear a Royal Cypher depending on who was the King or Queen of Great Britain when it was put in place.

We’re trying find Edward VIII post boxes.  These are quite rare and also unusual in the fact that Edward VIII never had a Coronation due to his abdication and was King for less than a year .

The ones we’ve found so far…


Our list has 124 Edward VIII post boxes on it… from this we’ve proved that 5 are no longer in place and that 92 still exist and are in use.  

We’ve now been told some of these might actually be EVIII post boxes with different doors on so watch this space for more information as we find it!

The list goes on… so keep an eye out for our updates!

Help so far received from Vix Wallis (Newcastle), Rozy Stratton (Lincolnshire) and Paul Feakes (London) and Iain Goldfinch.

A huge thank you to Arthur Reeder at the Isle of Wight Postal Museum for sharing his wonderful collection with us as well as lots of information on all post boxes.


Can’t find

Blackhills – gated road with no access. At the far end of the gated road at the opposite end there is a GVI post box.



Laisterdyke Post Office, Bradford

Moorway and Bradford Road, Guiseley

Stanningley Road, Pudsey

Swinnow Post Office, Pudsey (We have been told this post box was removed to be placed in a Post Box Museum but then was placed at Coldcoates Avenue in Leeds as there wasn’t another spare one).

Bescott Ex Post Office, Walsall

Luton – now an E2R post box


Changed Door?

Calverley Post Office, LS28

Pateley Bridge Post Office, North Yorkshire

Milton Keynes



October 2013 – I am now a proud member of the Letter Box Study Group so when I have time I’ll be cross referencing our EVIII post box list with theirs and I bet we’ll have a few more to add to our quest!!   http://www.lbsg.org

October 2014 – We’ve now found 100 of the EVIII post boxes on the LBSG list. They have 169 on their list, 17 of which are in private collections.  We recently visited two sites where one had an E2R post box and one was a gated road that we couldn’t get access to so don’t know if that is still in situ or not.


So do you have an unusual hobby that gets you travelling around the country?  It’s amazing how such a small idea can make such a huge difference to your life!


Please do not use any of my photographs without permission.


43 Comments Add yours

  1. offallygood says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen this: http://inamidst.com/topic/edwardboxes

    I’m going to make a pilgrimage to your Leeds ones – going from the above link, it didn’t seem there were any in Leeds! I’m very excited! Thank you!

    1. humbugshouse says:

      That list is quite out of date with lots missing. We contacted the author of the list but he didn’t reply. We’ve got lots of clues from Flickr for the whereabouts of EVIII post boxes and there’s other sources online if you take time to look. The two in Leeds are really good examples. Do I take it you like EVIII post boxes too? Our list has around 100 still in use to find.

      1. offallygood says:

        i’m just a bit of a fan of Edward VIII (nazi sympathising apart). I’m interested in domestic architecture too. Also post poxes are awesome -so many stories start and finish in them. I’ve been looking for an Edward VIII one for my other blog letteryear.blogspot,com

      2. Chris Smith says:

        Have you thought about joining the Letter Box Study Group? We think we know where they all are and lots more! see http://www.lbsg.org/

      3. humbugshouse says:

        Hi Chris, we probably will join but just enjoying our post box adventuring for now! Sharon

      4. kev menzies says:

        i have a box with ER V111 cypher to add to the list. it is in Glen Avenue Colchester

      5. kev menzies says:

        CO3 298 CO33RP is the reference in the Royal Mail Group A-Z List of Post boxes

  2. Iain Goldfinch says:


    I haven’t got the photo with me, but I can confirm the EviiiR type A pillar on Ramsgate sea front is still there.


    1. humbugshouse says:

      Hi Iain, thats on my list so I’ll tick it off. Thank you, Sharon

  3. I wasn’t sure what you were after and found an Edward VII today. Still need to find the old one I found in London, not sure who until I look at image.

    1. humbugshouse says:

      I love the cypher on the Edward VII post boxes. The Edward VIII are around with a few in London. Happy hunting!

  4. I also am trying to photograph all the Edward VIII post boxes and thus far have about 17 in total.

    Recently I found one close to my niece’s home in Clevendon near Bristol. In my experience they go in pairs and sure enough an email to the Local History group revealed a second one in Kings Street Clevendon.

    if you would like to see my photographs look me up on Facebook.

    David Alan Gatley (boy with wheelbarrow photo)

    1. humbugshouse says:

      It’s fascinating isn’t it. You can age an area by it’s post boxes. Not sure when we’ll get over to Bristol, I’ve got 5 on my list for that area! We’ve not found many new ones this year as we’ve been visiting locations we’ve been to before. Think we need to stick a pin in the EVII post box list before we choose our next holiday destination! Happy hunting!

  5. Peter says:

    Hi, there’s a pick of an EdwardVIII box on Hyndland Road in Glasgow on a post in my blog from last September. Feel free to use the image.http://pedsoutdoordiary.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/end-of-season.html
    Good luck trying to find them all.

    1. humbugshouse says:

      I’m glad you have a sad interest in history and recognise an unusual post box when you see one… I love noticing the history all around us… and there are quite a few of us about! 🙂 s x

  6. Gareth says:

    Hi, i’ve fairly recently began to look for old post boxes, I’ve found a few Victorian ones, Edward 7th, George 5th & 6th. But I need to see an Edward the 8th too!! Thanks for your information, really enjoying the research…not that i tell my friends I do this lol

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Happy hunting. Whereabouts are you based? My friends all thought I was mad 18 months ago, now they love telling me what post boxes they’ve seen!

      1. Gareth says:

        I’m near Gatwick, and I note there is the option of either Epsom downs (I passed by there today… if only if known!) or Brighton to find the elusive Edward Viii!

      2. humbugshouse says:

        There’s lots in Surrey! I’ve been to the one by Epsom Downs a couple of times.

      3. Gareth says:

        Ok, I saw the one near Epsom downs, but get this I then went to Chipstead ( about 10 mins towards Coulsdon) and saw another! Two in one day!! Plus a Victoria lamp box and I was well made up! I have a picture of the Chipstead one.

      4. humbugshouse says:

        Don’t think we’ve seen the Coulsdon one yet. Is it CR5 429? CHIPSTEAD VALLEY ROAD & GIDD HILL

      5. Gareth says:


      6. humbugshouse says:

        We’ve 124 EVIII post boxes on the list we’ve put together. We’ve proved that 7 of those are no longer there and have found 74 in total.
        We’ve got all the Surrey ones now, that was the last one we hadn’t got to yet.
        Think our next trips will be Bristol and East London to try tick more off our list.

      7. Gareth says:

        That’s good news! Do you want my picture of the Chipstead one?

      8. humbugshouse says:

        If you’ve got one, yes please. Can I add it to my EVIII blog and credit it to you?
        You can email humbugshouse@hotmail.co.uk
        Thank you

  7. Chris Downer says:

    I can confirm a few more – down my way we have two in Poole and one in Walkford. There are at least three others in the Epsom area (possibly 8 or 10) and I’m driving that way at the weekend so hope to have a squiz. Also, Chorleywood, St Albans, Ashtead, Ascot, Winchester all have one. And there are two at Tobermory, Isle of Mull (although when I went there I only knew of the one on the quayside!),
    Regards – Chris

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Hi Chris, now I’m a member of the LBSG we know of two more in Surrey we’ve missed and the St Albans one which is frustrating as we’ve driven through a few times in the last two years. Many more trips being planned in the UK for future post box hunting. Yes we’ve got both the Isle of Mull ones on our list and probably planning Scotland for 2015. Nice to know more people are addicted to EVIII post boxes! Happy hunting!

  8. Gareth says:

    Found another in Brackely Road in Beckenham yesterday

  9. Bob Taylor says:

    I have spotted an ER 111on the Commercial Road E1 London opposite the Texaco service station with a stamp machine attached.

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Hi Bob, is it near Tower Bridge? I know of an EVIII post box in that area. Well done, always good to notice something unusual! Thanks Sharon

  10. Hamish Johnston says:

    There are two E V111 in Aberdeen & one in Tobermory. I can send details & pictures. Please let me know
    Your website does not list under each postbox where they are?
    Hamish Johnston

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Hamish, great to hear from you.
      There are two EVIII boxes on Mull.
      I don’t give exact locations of post boxes as recommended by the Letter Box Study Group.
      The original ‘list’ that we followed was one that we’d made following many hours of online research. On joining the LBSG we found we had only missed around 35 from our original list.
      The most EVIII post boxes in one area are also in Scotland.
      Kind regards
      Sharon 🙂

  11. Ian Goudie says:

    We have one here in Strathbungo Glasgow G41

    1. Sharon says:

      There are a lot of EVIII post boxes around Ian! We spent a whole day finding them all!! S x

      1. Ian Goudie says:

        I’m confused. I heard that there were about 300 made and since then a number have been altered?

      2. Sharon says:

        Yes that’s right. A few have had doors altered to change the cypher. A few have disappeared though there are still a lot in service around the UK and one is in Gibraltar s x

      3. Ian Goudie says:

        I found another less than a mile away fro the one I reported.

      4. Sharon says:

        Happy hunting! S x

  12. I’ve also been to the Isle of Wight place, quite amazing how many items he has, my kids didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm for it though…how strange 😂

    1. Sharon says:

      Arthur is such a great chap… I could sit and listen to his stories for hours! His collection is amazing! One day our kids will realise we’re not crazy! S x 😉

  13. Ellen Lycett says:

    I love your photos. What a fabulous quest you’ve undertaken. We live in st Austell, Cornwall. Have we got any here you’d like me to check out for you?

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