Clandestine Cake Club – AOG 2012

Clandestine Cake Club – First Annual Organisers Gathering 2012

Sometimes in life you get invited to an event and you get excited and then by the time it comes round it’s a total let down and you wonder what all the fuss was about… not for this event.

Clandestine Cake Club has taken over the lives of many organisers around the world over the last year and the thought of meeting other organisers has had us all very giddy for the last few months.

Finally AOG day was here!

On Saturday 29 September 2012 almost 60 people arrived at the Queens Hotel in Leeds and some were even  carrying cake boxes so that we could have our own Clandestine Cake Club later in the day.

Why were we all there?  Well a lady called Lynn Hill from Leeds had an idea… the idea grew and there are now over 150 chapters of Clandestine Cake Club around the world!    Some of the organisers hadn’t even met our wonderful leader and they really couldn’t wait to get there!

Clandestine Cake Club
FIrst ever Annual Organisers Gathering, Queens Hotel, Leeds – 29 September 2012
Photo by Mike Wallis, Leeds @nalsa on Twitter

What did we get out of the day…

On arrival we all registered and were given a goody bag!  What excitement… The bag was from Renshaws and was very striking and even better, it was full of goodies from companies including Kenwood, Steenbergs of Ripon, Renshaws and Tala with thanks also to Eddingtons, and Creative Party Ltd.

We had extracts thanks to Steenbergs and packs of buttercream and icing from Renshaws so I’m sure there’ll be a future blog or two including these items.

A lot of organisers realised they weren’t alone and that other organisers as well as Lynn are only at the end of the computer!  The CCC website and Twitter makes it a very supportive club to be a part of.

(I’m lucky being a Leeds/Yorkshire organiser as I feel that I have a very good support network of local organisers/groups as well as having met Lynn on a few occasions in the past)

We learnt how to use the CCC website efficiently as well as doing WordPress blogs on the website… all much needed information with handouts for some organisers who aren’t quite a PC savvy as the rest.

A presentation was made to Lynn to say thank you, we hope she liked the flowers and champagne and we wait to hear what she spent the extra money on!  A few other gifts were also given to Lynn… not surprising as we all think she’s amazing!

We had an endless supply of coffee and tea and a lovely lunch which was very generous of Lynn and very well organised, cooked and served by the staff at the Queens Hotel in Leeds.

We had an amazing talk about bundt cakes by the very lovely Rachel McGrath who runs Bolton Clandestine Cake Club over the border in Lancashire.  I’d already started a slight bundt addiction and I think myself and a few other organisers have today cleared the internet of any remaining bundt tins in the UK!  Watch out world… the Bundt will soon be taking over!

We then had CAKE!!!  Well it was Clandestine Cake Club… a wonderful array or cakes and even a bundt cake or two!

Clandestine Cake Club
FIrst ever Annual Organisers Gathering, Queens Hotel, Leeds – 29 September 2012
Photo by Mike Wallis, Leeds @nalsa on Twitter

A photo or two by Mike Wallis from Leeds can be found on the following flickr links @nalsa on Twitter

A few more photos of cakes on the day and the goody bag contents.

Come along and join Clandestine Cake Club for free at

Register then join your local club or clubs!

There’s no charge and you can join/attend as many clubs as you like.

If there’s no club in your area then set one up, find a venue, arrange a date, send it to Lynn who’ll put it on the CCC website and I can assure you, the people will come and members will join!

For more information on bundt cakes please visit

Only Nordic Ware Bundt Tins create the real bundt experience  @nordicwareuk on Twitter

Sharon Clarkson  @PudseyCCC on Twitter

Pudsey & West Leeds Clandestine Cake Club        @clandestinecake on Twitter


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