History All Around Us…. 24 Hours In The Midlands

History All Around Us…. 24 Hours In The Midlands

Back in March 2012 we realised that despite only being our ruler for less than 12 months and never actually being crowned King, there are Edward 8th post boxes around the country that are still in use.

A lot of people are following our quest to find these post boxes so we decided to have another day out… this time to the Midlands to include Derby, Leicester and Birmingham and what a busy time we had!


We set off on 26 August 2012 and our first stop was Stamford.  What a pretty town with lots of nice floral displays and lots of Georgian buildings.  Situated close to McDonalds we stopped for a coffee before setting off on our journey over to Leicester where we found two more EVIII post boxes.  The second one on our list was on a council estate and we parked round the corner as the people living in the nearby house were just going out and seemed a little bit suspicious when we started pointing at their post box.  The next one was at the end of a road of lovely 1930’s semis.

A bonus of our day out was an Vulcan bomber flying over us!  A fantastic sight.

Off to Birmingham next with four more EVIII post boxes with one being right in the centre opposite the new Bullring Centre and what an amazing building that is… we had a good view as we ended up driving round the one way system a couple of time and hope we weren’t pulled up on any CCTV cameras for being in bus lanes or illegally parked.  All good fun really and we constantly seem to argue with our satnav for some locations.  We also saw some lovely street signs which had to be Victorian including one by the post box on Clay Lane in South Yardley.

We then stayed overnight at The Crown Inn in Hopton Wafers near Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire.

Early next morning we decided to have a brief break from post boxes and went to Ironbridge.  Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to but have never been close.  What a wonderful place, full of strong and sturdy Georgian buildings and the actual ironbridge is breathtaking.  Construction started on the bridge in 1779 and it was opened in 1781.  Built by Abraham Darby III and not Thomas Telford as we heard one chap telling his children when they jumped out of their car for a two minute photo shoot!

Very sad to read the names on the Ironbridge War Memorial.  So many names, many related all from one small town and two generations over the Great War and World War II.





Next stop was Wolverhampton followed by Coalville and another two EVIII post boxes to add to our collection.  It was nice to see that part of the original Post Office sign was still on the Coalville box.

Our next stop was a bonus as we drove past Staunton Harold and decided we had to go back and visit this lovely Church built in 1653 and now looked after by the National Trust next to an amazing Georgian house.   A lovely craft centre there too called the Ferrers Centre.

Staunton Harold
Staunton Harold



This area had many lovely villages with lots of things to see and do and our next stop was Calke Abbey in the next village.


We then set off to find our last three post boxes in Derby.

A lot of development had taken place during the mid 1930’s in the Midlands with large growth on the outskirts of Derby especially with many 1930’s estates appearing and hence the need for three EVIII post boxes in a small area.

We were pleased that all our post boxes were easy to find and matched exactly with the list we’ve made.  Another 12 EVIII post boxes found making a total of 46 ticked off our list so far.

We then stopped for some tea at Meadowhall on the outskirts of Sheffield after a lovely couple of days touring the Midlands.

Overall we live in a lovely country with many things to see and do… so get out and go see what you can find!


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