Rainbow Lego Cake

Rainbow Lego Cake

I had arranged a Clandestine Cake Club event for the Pudsey and West Leeds Club for Sunday 20 May 2012 .  The owner of the venue, Cafe Village in Calverley, had suggestd a vintage/fifties theme.  I just couldn’t come up with a cake to match the theme, everyone else had found 1950s recipes or linked cakes to the era… I was stuck.  I then found a website talking about what happened in each decade… I noticed that Lego was first trademarked in 1954.  I instantly decided I was going to make a Lego brick!  Then I thought about the main Lego colours… red, yellow, blue and green… a plan began to form.

I made four square cakes, each one had 40z self raising flour, 4oz caster sugar, 4oz margarine, 2 large eggs, vanilla essence, baking powder then gel colouring in red, yellow, blue or green.

When cool I put buttercream and homemade bramble jelly between each layer and built the cake.  I then cut the edges from the cake and made a cube like block.

I then coated the cake in buttercream, rolled out red fondant icing and covered the cake.  I also cut four small circles from the off cuts, covered these with fondant icing and then cut out the letters L E G O and stuck on the top of the pieces of round cake with water.

We did test the pieces of cake we’d cut off and they tasted just like victoria sandwich despite being rather brightly coloured.

The moment of truth of the finished cake would not happen until cake club the next day!  I just hoped that everyone would like it!

It went down very well.  Quite a simple idea but very effective.  Could be done as a ‘plain’ victoria sandwich without the colouring, but a good play on the whole Lego brick with the coloured layers.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Edgar says:

    Was yummy had with a cup of tea x

  2. laythetable says:

    This totally harks back to what we were talking about when we were filming the documentary! Surprise on the inside! Looks fab on the outside too 🙂

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Thanks Becs. Tasted good too! Mr C was unsure about brightly coloured cake and was pleased to find it tasted like a normal Victoria sandwich! S x

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