K4 Mini Post Office Box

When dropping the Curly One off at Whitley Bay Metro Station this afternoon we saw a family walking round this phone box. Following a text conversation with my old school friend Vix the other week, I knew this was a special phone box, as all the glass panes were the same size. But I never for one moment thought we’d found something as special as we had!

I walked around the phone box, got to the back and gasped with excitement on finding a GR post box. Mr C came over quickly and we realised there were also stamp machines and that this was still a working post box.

What an amazing item.  It’s in the cul de sac created by the Metro Station outside a terrace of houses built in 1895.

Whilst I was driving, Mr C started googling on his phone…

This is a K4 Mini Post Office. Only 50 were made and only about 10 are still in existence. They incorporate a phone box, post box and stamp machines.

This one in Whitley Bay is Grade II listed.

Our next quest begins!  There is also one on the platform by Trackside in Bury. This has been moved to this location and wasn’t here originally. (Those who know Mr C know that Bury FC is one of his passions!)

Hope you’re looking up, down and all around. History really is all around us!


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