I never used to like sprouts… I’d eat two at Christmas because my mum made me.  Even Mr C didn’t like sprouts and anyone who knows Mr C knows that the only other food he doesn’t like is broccoli, marmite and cottage cheese!

So on Christmas Day 2011 I proved to all my family that sprouts and good… Mr C and the Curly One both loved them as did the rest of my family.  Since then we’ve served them to friends on three occasions and a) they’re still talking to us and b) they ate them all!!

So my secret is chilli oil, butter and smoked streaky bacon!  As easy as that.

Cut the smoked bacon into small pieces, fry in chilli oil and a small knob of butter and fry in a saute pan.

Tidy the sprouts, cut the end off and take the outer leaves off.  Slice them finely.

When the bacon is starting to go crispy add the sprouts to the pan and fry until they start to soften.

Delicious is the only word for it!


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